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Galleries Guide

There are 4 Symbala Galleries. The PERSONAL SYMBALA GALLERY describes and shows examples of Original Symbalas that are commissioned by an individual for personal use or by a group or business for a specific purpose.

The PRINT GALLERY showcases the series and single Symbalas created as universal, energizing, focusing tools for therapy, contemplation and beautification. They were inspired from many sources and were created to inspire you.

The SYMBALA WATER IMPRINTS GALLERY offers 24 Symbalas that are made available as tools in a unique form and were inspired by the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto.

The newest gallery is the LIFE PATH SYMBALA GALLERY. This gallery contains 53 Symbalas all evoking the energies of an ancient divination system which created our regular deck of playing cards as concealment for their powerful symbolism. This system has been extensively explored, researched and written about by Robert Lee Camp as "The Cards of Your Destiny." Find and purchase your own birth card/Life Path Symbala.

Symbalas can be ordered from all four of the galleries. Originals (commissioned by you) are ordered from the Personal Symbala Gallery. They are signed, dated and drawn for your intentioned purpose.

Prints are available of any Symbalas showcased in the Print Gallery, Life Path Symbala Gallery and the Symbala Water Imprints Gallery. They are offered in two sizes: a standard 8 1/2 x 11" size and a 5 x 7" art print card size. Quantity discounts are also available. Additionally, ONLY the Symbala Water Imprints are offered in 3 packaged sets of 8 each on a waterproof paper appropriate for versatile hands-on purposes.

Pick a Gallery below and enjoy!

In Loving Resonance,


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