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Symbala Store Guide

There are now 2 Symbala Stores

In addition to this store, there is a Symbala Store at Zazzle, a digital publishing website. Wonderful new Symbala products are now available there: greeting cards, calendars, posters, round magnets, 2-sided medallions, coffee mugs and stickers, so far! I'm continually adding new products, too. Zazzle takes your order and payment, then produces and ships it directly to you. Please check out these new ways to experience the Symbala energies and surprise your friends and family with truly unique gifts.

There are 4 menu groupings to the left taking you into the store for ordering. The first is ORIGINAL COMMISSIONED SYMBALAS which allows you to commission Original Symbalas, whether for an individual for personal use, a couple (any kind) for relationship purposes or for a business or even a concept. They are signed, dated and drawn for your intentioned purpose

The SERIES AND SINGLE SYMBALA PRINTS section allows you to order single or multiple Symbala prints created as universal, energizing, focusing tools for therapy, contemplation and beautification. They were inspired from many sources and were created to inspire you.

The SYMBALA WATER IMPRINTS section offers 24 Symbalas that are made available as tools in a unique form and as individual prints like the previous section. Their creation was inspired by the work of Dr. Masuru Emoto.

The final section is the LIFE PATH SYMBALA PRINTS. There are 53 Life Path Symbalas (52, plus a joker) all evoking the energies of an ancient divination system which created our regular deck of playing cards as concealment for their powerful symbolism. This system has been extensively explored, researched and written about by Robert Lee Camp as "The Cards of Your Destiny." Find and purchase your own birth card/Life Path Symbala.

Prints are available of any Symbalas presented in the last 3 sections. They are offered in two sizes: a standard 8 1/2 x 11" size and a 5 x 7" art print card size (except the Life Path Symbalas, which are 8 1/2 x 11" only). Quantity discounts are also available. Additionally, ONLY the Symbala Water Imprints are offered in 3 packaged sets of 8 each. They are printed in a smaller size, slightly larger than 2 3/4" x 3 1/2" on a waterproof paper appropriate for versatile hands-on uses.

Enjoy the journey!

In Loving Resonance,