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Way of the Heart

Way of the Heart Symbala

Basic biology tells us we have a 4-chambered heart with a 2-stage beat - ah, but the symbolism is amazing! According to Robert Lawlor in Sacred Geometry, Philosophy and practice, the THREE embodies

"...a principle of creation, forming the passage between the transcendent and the manifest realms, whereas FOUR represents at last the 'first born thing', the world of Nature, because it is the product of the procreative process, that is of multiplication: 2 x 2 = 4."

So, not only is the heart the 'first born' in the physical realms, but it is the seat of our passions and our personal truths. The heart always shows us the way in a sometimes overwhelming world; because that way is from our inner guidance to the outer manifestations, not the other way around. When I contemplate this Symbala, I am filled with a universal love. The heart does show us the 'way' with lines of magnetic feeling. Allow it to inspire and uplift you.

With Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

Soul Rhythms in Light

Way of the Heart

"'Way of the Heart' is a perfect celebration of our unending ability to dream our hopes and desires into reality. I think; and therein lay the problem. Itís just natural for us to use our mind power to plan, organize, analyze and rationalize life. What struck me about the resonance of this new Symbala was not logical. There was a sense of magic in how it immediately activated a stirring within my heart. A remembering that no matter how hard we try to think our way through daily quests and challenges everything can be made so much easier if we remember to always check in with our heartís desire and loving wisdom.

"Easily said and it can become easy to do. Take a moment and connect with the resounding rhythm and brilliant tone that is the potential of the vibrancy in all of our hearts. 'Way of the Heart' shows us how to remember that potential. It is a grand and wonderful offering calling us back to the center of our inner wisdom where we can surf among our dreams and invite loving waves of creativity to join us in our daily lives.

"'Way of the Heart' is a beacon literally showing us a way to restore our heart-connection at every level of our reality in body, mind and spirit. Let it embrace you."

Blessings to you all,
Peggy Smith

Peggy Smith is a friend and Special Associate,
as well as a Certified Vibrational Medicine Practitioner and Motivational Counselor

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