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Water Resonance

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Water Resonance Symbala

I am presenting these elemental Symbalas in the order they came to me. No significance is implied with the order of their presentation.

"Water. Transmits psychic and feeling energies, soothes and heals, washes and cleanses. Can be strong force, as in a hurricane, to effect change. Used for psychic divination or obtaining information, such as when imagined in a bowl and used to spy for information. Can be imaged as a waterfall to cleanse your body of psychic buildup or leftover feelings." Cyndi Dale, pg. 64
"Aqua Vitae Water is Life Do not overlook me, nor forget me, for I am that which provides life. For my fondness for you is that I seek not your understanding, nor your forgiveness. My song is that of presence, in the rapture of existence. I sing to your soul, in labyrinthine simplicity, curating the elixir vitalae. I am water." ~ Mark Golding

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