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Vortex of Vitality

Vortex of Vitality

"A vortex is defined as a whirling movement, but the implications of that movement are powerful indeed. It implies spinning, momentum and spiraling, as in the Golden Spiral.


"The self-generating Golden Rectangles producing a Golden Spiral demonstrate how that spiral thread can expand or contract infinitely to transcend other dimensions of reality, connecting the visible with the invisible, matter with spirit. Thus the Golden Proportion is the key to an understanding of the holographic nature of the universe and the evolutionary process of life.

"What inspired this exploration of vortices? I recently saw a video about the vitalizing properties of structured water. The introduction touched on a number of environmental innovators in the field of understanding water: from Viktor Schauberger to Masaru Emoto, who directly inspired the Symbala Water Imprints. Their work evokes memories of inspiration and resonance with my journey into the realms of free-energy, water purification and Sacred Geometry. Vortical movement is a key element in universal principles. It is also a dynamic feature embodied in the Symbala process, as this Symbala illustrates. I hope it invokes memories of being beside a clean, ozone fresh stream vorticizing down a mountainside singing of earthpower.

"Finally, Id like to share the last part of the soliloquy of appreciation I say each morning as I begin my day: I am the water; I am the living water; I am in the VORTEX!"

With Loving Resonance, Lahrinda, the Whirling Rainbow Woman

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