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Vibrant Life

Vibrant Life Symbala

"When you are in vibrational harmony, your body produces whatever it needs to remain in perfect balance." --- Abraham

Vibrant Life is inspired by my personal journey of attunement and a desire to celebrate a renewed vitality. Each step on a path of co-creative health is empowering and deserves gratitude and celebration, which is the clear energy of this Symbala. Life is so WONDERFUL!

I just received this email from a practitioner in Florida and she said I could share it with everyone. Thank you, Stephanie. Lahrinda

"I want you to know that I use the Symbalas in every single Energy Treatment I give. They are such a powerful modality. They were instrumental in fixing a client's macular degeneration. It was 'Vibrant Life' that muscle tested to go on the eye. Her MD had told her there was a sac of fluid behind the retina, and when I put the Symbala on her eye, immediately the eye streamed copious fluid! Two treatments later, the doctor confirmed no macular degeneration!! Needless to say, 'Vibrant Life' is now one of my very favorites! I actually have an affection towards it for what it did for my client.

"Thank you for sharing your bounty with the world. We all are in awe and appreciation."

Love and much gratitude,

Stephanie Andersen

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