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Twelfth Activation Chakra

Twelfth Activation Chakra

The energy for the creation of each of these chakras came to me in this order from first to twelfth. This has no implications for how you might use them. In my process each one was an attunement and seemed to clear the way for the next one in this order.


"The twelfth chakra is actually a collection of thirty-two points on the body and in the aura...In general, our twelfth chakra ensures the connection between natural forces and our own body. It determines us as human, because its boundaries are the human visible and invisible energy body...Linking in with our aura, this chakra effectively encapsulates us while it opens us to non-apparent energies. In this way, it appears similar to the egg-shaped body perceived by anthropologist Carlos Castenada during his training with don Juan, a Yaqui Indian sorcerer. The difference between Castenada's portrait and mine is that I see lines connecting this outer shell to our internal self, thus allowing us to operate as both a closed and open system."

New Chakra Healing by Cyndi Dale pg. 59-60

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