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T r a n s m u t a t i o n

Transmutation Symbala

It all began with a talented energy worker, Jane Hicks. She was guided to suggest a Symbala for the purpose of transmuting fungi, bacteria, viruses, etc. at a cellular level that were not in resonance with the body. She was also given several numbers and colors. The resulting Symbala has amazing cleansing impact. I experienced a powerful cleanse while drawing it and have received similar feedback from Jane and others actively working with this energy. It is important to set clear intentions when working with Transmutation.

This Symbala embraces a beautiful, accepting approach to health. Honoring the wholeness of ourselves and bringing into resonance those parts or aspects which are not in balance or in 'dis-ease.' Embracing the wholeness and fluid interconnection of ourselves and 'All That Is' releases judgments which separate and fragment.

FOOTNOTE: This is a great Symbala to use with clear intention for anyone wanting to shift their energies/frequencies rather quickly.

With Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

This beautiful butterfly metaphor timelapse clearly belongs here. I love it!

Change & Wonder: A Butterfly Complete Metamorphosis from David Britton on Vimeo.

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