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T h r i v e

T h r i v e

This is a year of great changes and they appear to be coming faster and faster. Keeping our inner balance has never been more important A new universal Symbala has come through in a great burst of energy, leaving me no doubt about what to name it. It isn't just a Symbala, it is a message in the form of an anagram. Following the insightful anagram form evoked in Lorian Collins' exploration of the meaning of words within the words in her book, Word Energetics, I proceeded to explore the name revealed with the creation of this Symbala. I give you:

T  Transformational

H  Health

R  Rewards

I  Individuals with a

V  Vitalized

E  Environment

Inner balance is fueled by health on all levels of being, not just physical. As an antidote to chaos, we become the ripples in the cosmic pond, sending out our frequencies of vitality anchored in the geometry of our inner balance. Let the energies of 'Thrive' uplift you and be part of your vitalized environment.

With Warm Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

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