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Savoring Life

Savoring Life

Focus on all the beauties and joys of life, savor it. Here's a Symbala just for that purpose.

I’d like to share again the sacred implications of 5-based geometry, which includes the magic of man, with 5 fingers and toes and the 5 of our head plus 2 arms and 2 legs. Symbolically and energetically 5 embodies the uniting of spirit with matter to capture life in the physical form. (Did anyone see the movie ‘Short Circuit’? Remember, ‘Number 5 is ALIVE?’) Humans and other animals experience the manifested world with the 5 senses, and some, along with humans, evolve with finer and finer vibrational awareness.

PHI is the ratio of 5-sided geometry, reflecting Unity and how it spirals into Infinity. It is also a geometric echo, evoking its qualities of self-similarity, and self-referencing. PHI or the Golden Proportion is all about relationship – not duality, but tri-Unity! Our relationship to Source.

With Warm Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

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