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Ripples of Awareness

Ripples of Awareness

Today I look out of the window on my left and gaze at the water rippling down the glass from the first big autumn storm in the Puget Sound area. I have just finished reading a face book page dedicated to The Book of Incredible Changes. This quote caught my attention and, oh, how I love observing the ripples of synchronicity!

“The sun is reflected from the water as casual ripples lap against each other creating lazy arcs of color, refractions of light and almost a conversation with nobody in particular - just me, as I am absorbed into the very fabric of reality.” Copyright © 2016 John Nicholas Stoodley

I was inspired to draw this new Symbala last week when I had a moment while standing in the kitchen preparing my water for the day. I do a little ceremony of appreciation each morning as I energetically charge the water. Part of what I say to it is: I am the water, I am the water, I am the Living Water! I do this every morning, but this particular morning I stopped at that part because of a sudden vision, a new level of awareness about the implications of what I was saying. I have known (head knowing) for many years that our bodies are over 70% water. I was transformed by Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work revealing how water holds energy and changes its crystalline structure when vibrationally impacted by words, sounds and emotions directed at it. Thus, the basis of my little ceremony and the drawing and dedication of the 24 Symbalas in the Symbala Water Imprints Gallery on my website.

However, the vision I had that morning was about the inner water, not the external water. I saw myself transforming that water with each word I spoke, each thought I produced, each emotional/physical exchange I had with my personal world! I knew this in my head, but suddenly I knew it in every cell of my body how water pollution begins there and ripples out everywhere in this beautiful interconnected cosmos of ours. The impact was/is staggering. What immense power is released by truly loving myself/ourselves!

This Symbala is the symbolic recreation of that new level of awareness.

With Warm Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

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