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Resolve To Evolve

Resolve To Evolve Symbala

Kriss Shellman is a friend and a shamanic worker/astrologer. I was at her home on the 17th of January for a party and she was so excited to share what had come to her in the New Year. Her ideas resonated and quickly became a catalyst for the Symbala process. Anyone who would like to contact her may do so by email, krisshellman@aol.com.

"'Resolve to Evolve' flowed out of me during the first week of 2013. This quickly evolved into a newsletter with more and more people signing up and making a commitment to 'Resolve to Evolve'. What are we doing?....the Conscious Evolution Game! It is inspired by a quote from Diana Stone, 'Participation in games shifts our entire consciousness into right-brain intuition, opening the door to the vast resources of all knowledge and all solutions.'

"December 22, 2012 was the birth of a whole new paradigm for humanity. 'Resolve to Evolve' is a deep heart and soul-centered commitment to step forward with faith to co-create this paradigm for every aspect of society, government, relationships, families, spirituality, economics, health, etc. The energies of love, joy and compassion are the building blocks. When we consciously connect with the higher frequencies within ourselves, we automatically connect with all of humanity through the new higher dimensional cosmic web (grid). We are quickly becoming Galactic Humans and taking our rightful place in the Universe." ~ Kriss Shellman

With Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

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