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RedePHIne Symbala

"Several days ago a dear friend asked me 'what my dream was' or 'where did I see my life going?' Challenging questions, to be sure, but they certainly were a catalyst. As is usually the case in my life, the answer came through in the form of a Symbala. Inspired by Callie LeVina, another friend, who wanted a Symbala that would be a tool for her life path, this Symbala was born. Callie and I knew it was for her, but we also knew there was a greater purpose.

"After I had printed this Symbala, held it in my hands and really contemplated it, I had an awakening which brought the name along with it. I was able to 'RedePHIne' my sense of life purpose. My use of PHI (the Greek letter that represents the Golden Proportion) both in my art and in the language accompanying it has been an integral part of how I create the Symbalas and what I feel and know about the nature of the universe. The awakening allowed me to 'RedePHIne' and go to a new level of feeling the integrative grace of the parts to each other and to the whole.

"So what is my dream? To share this grace through the Symbalas and the writing and teaching that comes with it. I am living this dream and I know it will continue to expand and spread the joy of Golden discovery."

In Loving Resonance,


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