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You may have noticed that the 'Featured Symbala' is a bit late this month of October, 2017. I moved on the 2nd of this month and am still involved in the 'Re-aligning' process that always comes with a move, especially if it's to another city, as well. Challenges emerged immediately, not unusual for such a big undertaking; but I did not expect that the major one would be not having any internet connection for 11 days! Now residing in Everett, WA, I have had a week and a half to do most of the physical re-aligning and the extra time gave me space to adjust my perspective and patience about the non-connectivity situation. I may not have been on the internet, but I am still connected to the creative flow and have used the time for a great flurry of drawing new Symbalas and much editing, too. The first new Symbala you see here; inspired by and devoted to the process it is named after.

Using a 10 base for the geometry reminded me that I was moving to a new level of alignment, as well. Tens reduce to a one, but they are also about the double five. So I am actively participating in the magic and chaos of being human in the physical dimension, and how! At the same time I am adjusting to a new energy awareness as I sit on the balcony overlooking a beautiful and peaceful Beverly Lake with my new apartment-mate, Tina.

In addition, I am joining the smart phone world, too, all very new to me and with a huge learning curve. Patience is all, sigh. But I love the new connectivity as I venture, fumble-fingered, into the previously avoided experience of 'texting', acronyms and all (my inner English teacher is shuddering).

This move has called for great simplification of my life in many material ways because of less space, but letting go of things and past memory hooks and patterns is an excellent idea and long overdue! On the third floor, I look out my window above my computer to see fluffly white clouds and very tall evergreen trees. I feel so much lighter!

With Warm, Disorganized, but Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

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