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'Re - PHI - ning'

Re-PHI-ning Symbala

As part of my attuning art path I stay open to guidance and inspiration from many sources. Usually I'm aware of the source, but not always. One day I was working on another project and the next moment I was swept up in a flood of creativity resulting in this wonderful presence. I loved it, but even after it was finished I hadn't a clue what it was for, other than to make me happy, which was fine with me.

When the other Symbalas in this new group began emerging, I suddenly realized this Symbala had been clearing the way for these new energies to come through. With this awareness came the name, as well. I was undergoing a 'Re-PHI-ning' (refining) process in order to receive.

The power of the 5-pointed star as a universal symbol is no accident. It is a stellar example of the PHI ratio (Golden Proportion) of a part to the whole making it possible for the star to repeat itself in both directions, infinitely (or 'in-PHI-knitly') larger and smaller without losing the integrity of its form.

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