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Rainbow Dreaming

Rainbow Dreaming

"When the energies for this Symbala came to me, I had no intentions for creating a holiday themed piece, even though it was that season. However, as I sat shivering in an unusually severe cold blast in the Pacific Northwest contemplating it, I beheld a hexangonal nod to the artistry of snowflakes and the blue-white central form speaks of icy winter. Yet it really warmed me with the delicate rainbow ripples reminiscent of holiday lights.

"The name, 'Rainbow Dreaming', was inspired by the memories evoked of Christmases past filled with the warmth of gathered family, delicious food, beautiful tree lights and childlike fun. As I remembered, I became the child excitedly rushing down the stairs of home with my sister to open Christmas morning bounty, the air filled with seasonal music. Then the delicious aroma of homemade cinnamon rolls, warm from the oven and dripping with white icing triumphed over new gifts to entice us to breakfast.

"These are some of my happy holiday memories and, like 'Rainbow Dreaming', they can warm me all through the year. Resonating with warmth, I send you love and appreciation in the glow of universal harmony."

With Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

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