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Quantum Leap


The phrase "quantum leap" is used to suggest a large change, but it implies so much more. Scientists will describe 'quantum' as a very small, discrete natural unit, not taking into account the spiritual implications. Similarly, many people have heard about the Golden Proportion and know it's part of the field of Sacred Geometry, but totally miss how it explains the meaning of INFINITY!

If quantum is a discrete natural unit, then, to me, it defines the essence of anything and everything. So, taking a big LEAP, this leads me to the arena of Divine energy. When I hear the term 'quantum healing' or 'quantum leap', it feels like an awareness of change being accomplished on the spiritual level.

Many call me a 'cock-eyed optimist', but no matter, because I'm welcoming the New Year with visions of 'Quantum Leaps' for us as individuals on this Earth and spiritual beings of the Divine Cosmos! My best wishes for health, happiness and freedom to you all!

With Quantum Resonance, Lahrinda

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