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Prismatic Pool of Soul

Prismatic Pool of Soul Symbala

In September 2010, I spent about 11 days taking care of my daughter's home and pets while she and her husband took the longest vacation they had ever allowed themselves since they were married. I was so happy they gave this gift to themselves.

They returned full of wonderful stories and memories to share. They drove through a number of states adjoining Washington, but were aiming for the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park.

Fortunately, she likes to take pictures and very good ones, so they entertained me the morning after they got home with a slide show and commentary. It was wonderful to see the mountains and the park again. My trip there had been in my early adolescence (many, many years ago), but the pictures brought it all back.

After the pictures, my daughter gave me a postcard of one of her favorites features in the lower geyser basin named, the Grand Prismatic Spring. It was an aerial view of a pool decorated by nature's rainbow palette. As I gazed at this roughly circular pool with its deep blue center and its outer edges forming a flaming aureola, I had a knowing that here was inspiration for a Symbala.

Dive to its depths and enjoy!

Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

Postcard of Grand Prismatic Spring

Prismatic Pool Postcard

This is a scan of the postcard which was my inspiration.

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