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There are a number of image groupings in this gallery, which I call 'sub-galleries'. Each begins with introductory reflections and perspective from the artist.

All images shown here can be purchased as prints in the Symbala Store. They are available on archival, color-rich matte paper using archival inks with a backing for framing and protected in a sealed clear poly envelope. The 8.5" x 11" prints are $24.00 each, postage paid in the USA (additional cost for Canadian or International shipments). They are also available as smaller, 5" x 7", card size prints on archival matte paper. These are $6.00 each, come with an envelope upon request in the Symbala Store and are postage paid as above. There are price breaks for both types of prints when purchasing more than two at a time.

I have expanded the ways to appreciate and work with the Symbala energies by adding an additional store with a digital publishing company known as Zazzle. Here you will find many of the Symbalas displayed in the Print Galleries expressed as Greeting Cards, Posters, Calendars, Magnets, free-standing Easel Back Prints, Decorative Boxes, Medallions (that can be used to decorate your person or your environment) and Stickers. Check out the Zazzle Store for unique gift ideas.

Viewing Symbalas

To expand your personal experience begin by stilling your mind, gaze at a Symbala with a soft focus, then surrender to the pulsating rhythm and harmony. You may notice pieces or the whole design come forward and then pull you back in. Try gazing at it from different distances and with different lighting, too. It is possible to experience a dimensional journey on the wave geometry of self-awareness.

Chakra Symbalas now on YouTube and in the iTunes store!

Here's a YouTube video to expand your journey through the 7 Chakras with Symbalas and sound. This is a collaboration with Jonathan Goldman, who is a writer, musician and teacher. He is an authority on sound healing and a pioneer in the field of harmonics. He says of our joint effort, "I think our work is in divine resonance!"

ATTENTION iPhone and iPad users! It's now available in the iTunes store under "Chakra Tuner by Jonathan Goldman". The cost of this app is $2.99. I think you'll find it pretty amazing! Visit his website too.

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