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Pattern Shifter

Pattern Shifter Symbala

"Between the Spring Equinox and the full moon of 3/27/13, I don't know how you were feeling, but I felt like my feet were itchy to move and a voice in my head kept shouting - GROWTH, CHANGE, MOVEMENT! It was all I could do to keep from jumping in my car and heading down the freeway for parts unknown.

"But, I didn't. Instead, or rather, synchronistically, I focused that energy into a new Symbala. If you're ready for movement, here's the second Symbala inspired by the archetypal reading of my birth chart by Steve Nelson. Another universal archetype strongly present in my birth path is 'The Pattern Shifter'. I've worked with that dynamic my whole life, but never more consciouly than when I found and have followed the path of the Symbala work. Shifting patterns and habits is ground zero for transforming your life. It's challenging, for sure, and sometimes we just need a focusing catalyst. I submit to you - this can help!

"Change can feel very chaotic, but underneath there is always a geometry supporting both the old patterns and the raw, new-forming patterns. Focus with clear intention and joy for receiving what the new will offer.


"This Symbala evoked much response. Here's what Terri Young had to say:

"I was so taken with this last Symbala, my first impression was beautiful stained glass that is twirling and then I felt it was twisting into high gear getting ready, getting ready to .... take off into Galaxies. So wonderfully you!"

With Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

Interested in Steve Nelson's work? Here's how to find out more:

Steve Nelson - Astrology in the Jungian tradition, for understanding personal myths and realizing natural abilities. Visit his website, Gaia Astrology.


"Hold on, there's more! This Symbala also inspired Peggy Smith with another glorious sharing of 'Soul Rhythms in Light'. Here's how it made her feel.

"No man is an Island; a simple phrase that we have all heard at some time in our lives. But within these few words is a dynamic Universal force. The web that connects every living thing in our world endures and shifts in silence. It holds us all in the powerful truth that does not allow disconnection, isolation or separation. We have agreed to forget this Divine directive momentarily while discovering whatever our soul wishes to learn. The patterns we establish as we pass through our lives are present in all that we do. Each thought, action, word and experience repeats like sound waves through the swirling matrix of our perpetual reality. This movement in the ebb and flow of all things is magnificently revealed in Lahrinda’s new Symbala, 'Pattern Shifter'.

"As I experienced the wonder of this Symbala, my senses immediately traveled to the center of 'Pattern Shifter'. I was captivated by the vivid colors and entrained by a spiraling pulse generated in the cyclic rhythm of the patterns that danced before my eyes. It truly became a 'moving' meditation and as I allowed myself to glide through its layered dimensions, a thought slipped into my brain. Patterns are how we shape our reality. What we believe and continue to repeat as our truth becomes reality. This is not a new idea, but my visual understanding of how the effects of our actions are interwoven had just been ignited. If we choose right action, right thought and right words, it exponentially goes outward and becomes part of a chain reaction carrying the patterns to the ends of our reality and back again. And since we understand our world in polarities, the same goes if we choose to hold on to destructive or negative patterns.

"In the gifted timing of Lahrinda’s work she has again given us a valuable vision of possibilities. We, the collective consciousness of mankind, are ready to shift from 'power over' to powering up our will to do good. 'Pattern Shifter' is a celestial view that reminds us how to make the right changes. Imagine a spider’s web. As soon as the web is touched by the wind, a falling leaf, a drop of rain or a candidate for dinner; that movement is felt in every strand of the spider’s architecture. And so it goes for the living threads in the Architecture of the Universe. All that is done to One, is done to all."

Blessings to you all,
Peggy Smith

Peggy Smith is a friend and Special Associate,
as well as a Certified Vibrational Medicine Practitioner and Motivational Counselor

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