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PHIve is Alive

PHIve is Alive

This Symbala is a joyous excursion into the dynamics of PHI (the Golden Proportion). I draw using the PHI ratio (1.618) which is essential to the geometry base of this work. PHIve (5) is the number of man, whose structure is also rooted in the PHI ratio.

As a drawing evolves, I feel the true meaning of 'everything is connected'. Each new element tends to fit perfectly and helps to expand the energy into a cohesive whole. It is particularly true with this Symbala.

'PHIve is Alive' sparkles with the joy of being alive with the Divine connection and the needed increase in frequencies. We on Earth are changing and the evolution is necessary and organic. The more we participate consciously, the more easeful and joyous it is. Can't help but hear the Fifth Dimension singing, 'Up, up and away', when I gaze at this Symbala and follow into new dimensions!

With Loving, Connected Resonance, Lahrinda

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