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Ninth Activation Chakra

Ninth Activation Chakra

The energy for the creation of each of these chakras came to me in this order from first to twelfth. This has no implications for how you might use them. In my process each one was an attunement and seemed to clear the way for the next one in this order.

This chakra is very special to me as an artist working with the very things Cyndi describes below about the ninth chakra.


"Our ninth chakra is the least understood, yet I sometimes believe it is one of our most important chakras. I believe Jungian counselors unknowingly...work at this level, for the ninth chakra, functioning as the 'seat of our soul', communicates through images, archetypes, patterns, numbers, and other symbols...Within this chakra lay the fundamental seeds of our soul purpose and information regarding our life purpose and life tasks. All healing must be locked into the ninth chakra to be completely integrated. Only by healing the soul body, which carries all data from one incarnation to another, can we be assured that we are not just going to repeat our lessons over and over."

It is located "approximately one arm's length above the head."

New Chakra Healing by Cyndi Dale pg. 51-52

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