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First came the Symbala; then came the feeling, and then, came the name. The flow, like the Symbala, moved organically and with a sense of strong inner guidance in the time of Cancer.

Perhaps, if you’ve followed my Newsletters for a while, you will be scratching your heads and wondering why I would name a Symbala using a Spanish word for ‘Mother’. I have no Spanish origins (that I know of) and do not speak the language. It was part of the process as I bathed in the feeling and then reached for its expression in words and, suddenly, there it was! The name was a gift just as each Symbala I draw has been a gift from the beginning of my journey.

The softness with strength is magical and needs a name echoing the sound of that energy. The geometry of the 6 sings of the family and the partnership of the male and female which leads to the wholeness of the powerful 12, the all-embracing Mother or ‘Madre’.

With Gentle, Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

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