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I drew a Symbala for the total solar eclipse (8/2017) yesterday. Watching the eclipse on TV inspired me to contemplate the constant recycling of forms so dramatically unfolding before my eyes. Sometimes nature and the earth's cycles pass so gradually that we hardly notice, except when we see moments of beauty and grandeur. But how often do we use them to draw any philosophical observations about our own life. A total solar eclipse is so energetically charged and dramatic that it demands attention.

Total Solar Eclipse

On the day, a personal situation paralleling the temporary disappearance of the sun was contributing to my contemplations. A family member is in the process of translating to another form and dimension. Even the family strain during this essential cycle is a reminder to appreciate deeply each moment as it passes in the divine process of life. Embracing this eternal ebb and flow, allows you awareness of the true 'Luminosity' of life.

About a week before, I was guided to draw a Symbala about this ‘Luminosity’. I didn’t realize at the time how importantly the two events and Symbalas would be linked.

With Warm, Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

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