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Intention Symbala

"Intention is a funny thing. It lies, quietly, behind all our choices. And ultimately, it determines the outcome of those choices. Funny that we are so rarely aware of the intentions in our life. We live as if life was 'just happening' to us when in fact it is being created out of our intentions moment by moment. Imagine how incredible your life could be if you were to harness this."

This quotation from Robert Lee Camp, author of the Cards of Your Destiny, was my inspiration for this Symbala. When the Symbala was completed, the name was all too obvious. The Symbala itself was a catalyst - it started me thinking about the meaning and energetic nature of the 'intentional' process. These are my musings.

Intention is directional energy. It feels triangular to me with the base resting on belief and desire rooted in the heart. Thrusting outward from this base to the point of the triangle or fulfillment is the movement of the creative process.

Goal-setting is similar, but often more specific in nature. Intention is one of the subtle foundations of how we create our lives. It gives direction, yet 'allows the how' of our choices for the journey. Think of the base of the triangle as the electric launching and the point of the triangle (that which we intend) as the magnet which draws us to arrive at a temporary resting place in the continuous changing dance of creation.

In Loving Resonance,


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