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Inner Strength

Inner Strength

How often have you demanded of life, “Give me strength!” I can remember doing that a time or two, but not so much any more because I know now where my strength lies. It lies within me, connected to ‘All That Is’ in a divine, geometric matrix. And, just in case I stumble or forget, a beautiful reminder comes through before my eyes. This universal Symbala, when completed, said to me quite clearly and powerfully... INNER STRENGTH!

As I’ve evolved on my path and through the art, I’ve found some insights that enrich and strengthen my life. Probably because I draw tools for focusing attention, I find one of the most valuable to be. ‘Where am I putting my attention?’ Are you putting it on something that will inspire/uplift you or something that will lower or deplete your vitality? When challenging things capture your attention, shift how you perceive them. Look with eyes of love to strengthen yourself and the world you’re creating.

With Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

Soul Rhythms in Light

Inner Strength

"There was a deep sense of curiosity and attraction that grabbed me when I first saw Lahrinda's new Symbala, Inner Strength. For what ever reason, it sent a whisper through my inner knowing that said, 'There is a life-force core at the center of all living things.' It just so happened that at the moment this awesome creation blessed my awareness, I was in the process of seeking all of the inner strength I could tap into. There are a few of you that know I am a Sci-fi fan and when this Symbolic Messenger arrived on my personal version of the StarShip Peggy, my core engine had been depleted and I was losing thrust very quickly. My life force core needed a re-boot.

"When I sat in meditation and connected with Inner Strength, I knew immediately I was docking with the perfect portal that would assist my regeneration. The center of this Symbala seemed to generate a memory of what perfect alignment with source energy felt like. From that point of contact I felt the power of renewing energy pulse through my body. Each configuration of silver white coils that are integrated in this Symbala became a conduit of healing energy. As I centered myself in the radiance of the full rainbow spectrum and grounded to the center of this healing grid, I was guided to stop at each power coil I asked for healing.

"It was like a Ferris Wheel ride that gave every aspect of my human anatomy a safe harbor of restoration. WOW what a ride! My Inner Strength had been revived. I recommend that anyone feeling depleted or drained for any reason take a moment and connect with the beauty and magic of this Symbala.

"I am beyond grateful for your creative expressions, dear Lahrinda,"
Peggy Smith

Peggy Smith is a friend and Special Associate,
as well as a Certified Vibrational Medicine Practitioner and Motivational Counselor

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