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'In - PHI - Knit'

"In-PHI-Knit" Symbala

This Symbala is inspired by the energies and vision of Dan Winter, the Golden Proportion Geometry expert of the internet and beyond. His understanding and use of Golden Proportion Geometry in theory and in practical, everyday application is a source of wonder to me.

The term 'In-PHI-knit' for 'Infinite' is one of the many words and phrases he has coined to make the recursive magic of PHI or the Golden Proportion (1.61803) a working part of our understanding of the essential nature of the Cosmos.

This Symbala comes from the magnitude and glory of working with the Golden Proportion. All of the design details are derived from this ratio. For instance, the pentagonal star is inherently recursive or self-similar in all directions, which is the heart of the beauty, harmony and power of the Golden Proportion. It is the essence of the attuning energy of all the Symbalas I draw.

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