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I Am

I Am

Im sure the subject above is familiar to most of you. Spiritually speaking, I used to give it lip-service, but was a bit frightened to delve deeply. That changed drastically when I decided to express this powerful sentence through my art.

Drawing the I Am Symbala is not a single, sit down, draw it in one day excursion. It is a journey without end; a perfect mirror for a spiritual path. I started the creation process in July of 2020 and kept coming back to it periodically as it continued to unfold. Each return marked an internal plateau and brought accompanying steps of refinement to the drawing.

What can I say about the awakening realization of ones divinity? It is everything: felt, but unspoken, yet resonating so deeply. I now use it for an internal mantra that easily puts me to sleep at night by quieting the restless inner voices. The transformative powers are amazing. The process continues, yet it felt right to release it to you. The times call for a balance point of inner strength. May this Symbala be a tuning focus to your I Am.

With Loving, 'I Am' Resonance, Lahrinda

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