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Honoring the Masculine

Honoring the Masculine

"Always, creating a Symbala is joyous and sometimes it is even humbling. Not only am I filled with appreciation, but I have an ongoing stream of vibratory therapy tools which keep me going, growing, happy and healthy!!!

"The catalyst for this Symbala came from a source of long standing inspiration, my friend and associate, Arlene Arnold, a master color therapist. She had an inner experience of evolving feminine energy and suggested it might be expressed through a Symbala. It had been almost 8 years since I created the 'Empowered Feminine' and the 'Empowered Masculine' Symbalas, so I felt drawn to explore anew.

"What a journey! When the Feminine Symbala was complete, I knew it wasn't because it cried out for its balancing partner. So, I immediately began pulling in the energy for the Masculine Symbala. After completing and printing them, I sat with them for days. I am staggered by the impact of these two Symbalas. Each expresses the unique essence of the archetype: the curving, full-spectrum structuring that nurtures of the feminine and the outward directness and light strength of the masculine. But the most powerful awareness that comes is the harmony and sense of oneness of spirit that says they are different yet necessary for co-creation.

"Both of these Symbalas can be found in my Zazzle Store on many lovely products. Look for their energies together on these products: 2-sided medallions (makes a beautiful integration to wear as a necklace), keychains (both round and square), a wooden, wall coat rack and the first ever Symbala Keepsake Box.

"One last reflection about the timing of their birth. They were created when the planet Mars was retrograde in Libra, a placement and a condition that challenges this symbol of masculine energy to be patient and balanced."

With Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

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