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Transformation Through the Heart Vortex

The Heart Vortex Symbala

Preparations for my talk about Golden Proportion geometry involved weeks of focused study to give my thoughts simplicity and accessibility. I felt the energy come in for a Symbala tied to the expanded perceptions I was gaining, but it took a specific catalyst to give it form. The catalyst was my friend, internationally known astrologer and speaker, author of The Good Timing Guide, Madeline C. Gerwick. During this time she called to suggest the possibilities of a Symbala tied to the conjunction of Pluto with the Galactic Center happening in July and late October of 2007. Here are Madeline's perspectives and feelings about the Symbala that emerged:
"The Galactic Center is the heart of our Milky Way Galaxy. Pluto represents transformation, rebirth and initiation. When this cycle occurs once every 248 years, individually we have the opportunity to attune and open our hearts and learn how to live in a new way. Lahrinda and I set the intention of this Symbala to transform us from living in our minds to living in our hearts, the true seat of our core selves.

"The Symbala created for this process is titled, 'Transformation Through the Heart Vortex'. This Symbala took me deep into the center of my being, allowing me to access much deeper levels of feelings. When I viewed it with a soft focus, the center spun me into a vortex activating a desire to be in my heart. The pentagonal geometry combined with the vortex energy opened me to inner movement and new possibilities."

Madeline C. Gerwick

The Heart Vortex Symbala

This Symbala caught the attention of someone else I admire greatly, Jonathan Goldman. He is a writer, musician, teacher and an authority on sound healing being a pioneer in the field of harmonics. He and his work inspired one of the Symbalas, which I named Frequency + Intent = Healing.

Jonathan and I are mutual admirers because, while in different formats, our work is all about frequency, resonance and harmonics. So when he called me with the request to use the Heart Vortex Symbala for his new CD of music, I was delighted. This is the resulting CD cover and you can order it through his website above.

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