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Heart Connection

Heart Connection

I didn't see this triad of 'Heart' Symbalas coming, but the guidance was strong to pull this energy through. The mental process to explain was not as easy. The first in this series is 'From the Heart' and, as previously shared, it had been waiting for me to catch up with its expression. This second 'Heart' Symbala had also been lying in wait, just not as long. So, once again, as I was cleaning up and exploring my files, I discovered it, made a few changes and embraced it in time to start the new year of 2017 with maximum heart intentions!

Since I rediscovered this Symbala around the Winter Solstice and my sun is in Capricorn, I found myself connecting to a feeling of great warmth and even passion at Winter's heart. Outwardly winter looks and feels cold; many plants appear dead and even running water can stop, frozen. But the living energy is not gone; it's resting and readying for that moment of powerful release in the burgeoning of new life in Spring. Human passions can likewise be simmering under covers to keep warm!

I also realized that this is a time of great change in the world and the most important thing we can do to keep our emotional footing is to balance ourselves through our 'Heart Connection'. May the New Year bring you new discoveries of abundance, joy and peace through love. (Watch out for the third 'Heart' Symbala later this month.)

With Warm Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

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