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Good Messages

Good Messages Symbala

"Shortly after the arrival of 2012, a wonderful metaphor came to me while I was imbuing the water I drink in the morning with my thanks and appreciation. The value of sending and receiving the vibrations of 'Good Messages' swept over me and I felt a gathering of energies for a new Symbala.

"I didn't set out to draw the image of the metaphor, but to capture its essence. What I saw was a finger of focused, feeling attention reach out to strum an instrument of creativity. Each individual plays their own song, filling it with unique harmonics vibrating out to the cosmos and returning to themselves. So we create the 'Good Messages' and open our hearts to receive them. Recipe for staying in the vortex!"

With Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

Soul Rhythms in Light

Good Messages

"How perfect and wonderful this Symbala is in its intention to represent our NEW YEAR 2012. Many of us have come to understand that we are all afloat in an ocean of vibrational currents. Some see it as the fabric of the Universe that ties us all together in a wonderful tapestry of possibilities. Others describe our reality as a holograph created by infinite layers of cosmic particles arranged in endless combinations of matter. There is one thing that appears as a common element in our efforts to explain why we are here as we try to discover our true place in the order of all things. This is the understanding that we are indivisible from the source of creation and infinitely connected to all life.

"In my many years of working with different modalities of energy healing I have realized there is one cardinal premise that is the corner- stone of our natural ability to heal. When we are aligned, connected and integrated with the balanced flow that is the blueprint of our Universe, we can restore our physical, mental and spiritual well-being almost instantaneously. This is what the ancients knew as they discovered the energy meridians of the human body and our connection to the natural energetic imprints of plants as well as the elements of fire, earth, metal, water and wood. When the Native Americans called on the power of the four directions and did ceremony in a medicine wheel, they were spontaneously connecting with the energetic matrix of cosmic harmonics that is neverending.

"As I opened to the vibrations of “Good Messages” I immediately rejoiced in a brilliant realization that Lahrinda had captured a visual interpretation of where we are in the human evolution as we enter a monumental year of attunement opportunities. If the frequency and harmonics of this Symbala resonate with you, I strongly encourage you to allow yourself to explore its effect on your desire to intensify your interconnectedness to the pure potentiality of the Universe. For me, it was the ultimate sensation that I can only describe as an awakening ceremony at the center of the Galactic Medicine Wheel. “Good Messages” is a perfect restorative vortex gifted to us in this time and place through the insight, creativity and devotion that is Lahrinda’s world of Symbalas."

Blessings to you all,
Peggy Smith

(Peggy is a new associate. Her training and background is in Energy Medicine and is now available for support and guidance for those of you who wish to discover more about the vibrational potential of the Symbala energy vortexes and how they can be used as a powerful tool to enhance your individual journey to self-awareness. More information available Here.

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