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Golden Harmonics

Golden Harmonics Symbala

"This year of 2012 is a special year for so many reasons. I am learning to stay 'in the vortex' and see life through a lens of joyful harmony. As a result the most amazing Symbalas are coming through that lens. This new one absolutely sings to me. Can you hear it? It is the voice of 'PHI', the harmonic frequency of the Golden Proportion, to which this Symbala is dedicated."

With Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

Soul Rhythms in Light

Golden Harmonics

"When Lahrinda shared her new Symbala, 'Golden Harmonics', I was, as usual, captivated by its pure energetic presence. It came to me at a time when I was unsettled and in the midst of wondering about the imbalance and chaos swirling in every direction of my life, my country and basically the Universe. In recent months, we have all been repeatedly stunned by the backlash of our changing world. For me, it is like reality is tilting further and further out of balance. Many of us find ourselves asking, 'Will life ever get back to normal?'

"The sense of normal is different for each person based on family environment, cultural influence, religious beliefs and educational background. But within these diverse factors, we all share a natural default desire to find peace, harmony and happiness. 'Golden Harmonics' came to me at a time when my mind was full of questions about 'finding normal.' In the mesmerizing grip of this hypnotic vortex of energy, I found myself immediately drawn to the six strange and yet familiar faces surrounded by radiant towers of pulsing energy. I grounded myself, took a deep breath and entered the realm of 'Golden Harmonics'.

"I heard, 'Ask the question', as angelic soft whispers floated into my senses. And then again, 'Ask the question'.

"I asked, 'What am I supposed to do now?'

"Several voices spoke as one, 'We have six messages to share. Listen not with your ears and your mind, but with your heart.'

1) "Finding truth is not the journey. Truth is different for each and every seeker.

2) "Finding reason is not the journey. While continually being consumed in asking the 'reason' why, you miss the answers in the stillness.

3) "Embrace the mystery. It is the unknown, the unthinkable and the synchronicities that give you limitless possibilities for creation.

4) "The Universal Laws of Harmonics are in a constant state of attunement causing all things to seek balance and proportion.

5) "Chaos is the natural process that returns all things to the Divine Ratio as revealed by the Golden Proportion.

6) "Finding and anchoring your soulís harmonious perfection in all that you do is the journey.

"Upon returning to this dimension I now know that I am forever anchored by the understanding that I am in a continuously changing state of the NEW NORMAL. With the birth of Lahrindaís new creation, 'Golden Harmonics', everyone has an opportunity to explore its energetic gateway to inner contemplations. Are you wondering what happened to 'normal' or do you have a question to ponder? Allow your consciousness to experience 'Golden Harmonics' and ask."

Blessings to you all,
Peggy Smith

Peggy Smith is a friend and Special Associate,
as well as a Certified Vibrational Medicine Practitioner and Motivational Counselor

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