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Glorious Change

Glorious Change

We all resist change; so how do we alter our perspectives about that concept. We all know change is inevitable, but how do we shift our resistance to welcome? I have had a lot of practice this year with that challenge because I've moved 4 times! Here's how I've dealt with it; maybe some of it will resonate with you. After the second very unexpected move, rather than getting depressed or complaining I decided to shift my energies about the feeling of this change with a new Symbala, naming it, 'Glorious Change'. This elevated the vibrational outlook of the whole concept of change to a new level of appreciation instead of resistance. Living in appreciation of each moment of your day is the key to welcoming changes of all kinds.

This helps one understand the glorious necessity of change. All things, from the cells of our bodies to the celestial motions of the cosmos are in constant movement, thus change. Without it, we would not be able to appreciate the seasonal changes, the daily changes from light to dark, the flow of the tides and the cycles of life itself!

The Symbala is structured with a '7' base like the days of the week or the steps of a process. Change ripples through the expanding circles of life and the rainbow color echo of seven.

'Glorious Change' helped me a lot. May it reflect the stability of change for you amidst the seeming chaos of our world. Blessings.

With Warm, Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

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