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Finding Inner Peace

Finding Inner Peace

"I've been looking for inner peace for a long time and, recently, so has my computer! As much as possible I allow my thoughts to follow useful and happy paths and my computer decided to clear its inner thoughts, too, twice! It's been a transformational journey and we're still working on it, but that just juices our creativity, right?

"Couple of months ago I had a stimulating conversation with my friend and associate, Arlene Arnold. She asked me to put into a few words what the purpose of the Symbalas was. Took a moment to simplify the flood, but what I finally said and what tingled with resonance was: tools for finding inner peace. Then she said, 'express that in a Symbala.' And I did, as you see. Relax and enjoy!"

With Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

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