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The Evolution of Being

Evolution of Being Symbala

This Symbala is inspired by and came forward at the time of the Summer Solstice of 2010. I am not an astrologer, although I've studied for years and find great value in the symbolic and archetypal symbolism of the zodiac. So I will leave the detailed astrological explanations of this timing (also involving the solar and lunar eclipses of this time) to the professionals, and share with you what I see and feel vibrationally as expressed in this Symbala.

I titled it 'The Evolution of Being' because what I call the 'intersection of being' is heavily stimulated by planetary aspects. To most astrologers it is the cardinal cross. To me it is the identity axis of Aries and Libra, the 'I' and 'we', and the parenting axis of Cancer and Capricorn, the nurturance and guidance. The symbolism of this intersection can be seen in the encircled diamonds. I also found the energy coming through as a creative birth of self in the '3' symbolism. The integration and essence of the journey is in the center 'Flower of Life' symbol.

The energies are no longer just suggesting, but putting a firm hand in our backs and pushing for an evolution of who we are as individuals, human beings, interconnected universal beings and co-creators with Source. Changing/growth is challenging, but the energy and conscious choices we make support us with joy and amazement. Like the 'pebble in the pond' the waves of change come from the source within.

In Loving Resonance,

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