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The Empowered Masculine

The Empowered Masculine Symbala

This Symbala came through with such a feeling of comfort, sensitivity and intuitive subtlety that it truly surprised me. Feeling the depth and scope of this energy was essential and therapeutic for me personally.

A friend purchased this 'Tri-Unity' of Symbalas (Empowered Feminine, Empowered Masculine and Union) and had such instant and amazing results that, with her permission (though requesting anonymity), I decided to include her comments. Lahrinda

"I didn't like the 'Empowered Masculine' Symbala initially. Not liking a Symbala usually means that I have something really important to deal with regarding its message -- it's like a red flag of importance. After meditating on the Symbala, my childhood anger towards my father surfaced (a very old, almost imperceptible remnant of emotion) - I was surprised to even discover it! Through prayer and meditation, I was able to address, honor and clear the anger, thus freeing me to have more fulfilling relationships with males in the present, namely my own partner. I'm certain there's more to do with the 'Empowered Masculine' Symbala; it's not over yet, but I am happy to have had such an intense experience with it thus far." L. Y.

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