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Emergence Symbala

'Emergence' came through like its name, suddenly and with compelling effect. Since I allow the energies to come through as I create a Symbala, it's always a shock when I print one and hold it in my hands and have a reaction like I did with this one! Let's just say I let myself adjust to it gradually after my heart rate returned to normal. I would like to share a discovery I made about this one after I named it. I got a nudge to look up the definition of 'emergence' in the dictionary. Let me quote one of these definitions: "the appearance of new properties in the course of development or evolution that could not have been foreseen in the earlier stage." I laughed out loud after my experience with it.

This is only the second Symbala (Heart Vortex, being the first) I have created actively and consciously working with a Dodecahedron geometry. The dimensional vibrations are almost unnerving.

'Emergence' has a powerful impact in the printed form. The internet resolution does not do justice to its subtleties.

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