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Eighth Activation Chakra

Eighth Activation Chakra

The energy for the creation of each of these chakras came to me in this order from first to twelfth. This has no implications for how you might use them. In my process each one was an attunement and seemed to clear the way for the next one in this order.


"The eighth chakra...is located about an inch and a half above the head. Working with this chakra, I have come to believe that it is our portal into and out of this time/space continuum...Here one also finds the Akashic records, the 'books' upon which is recorded all we have ever seen, done, or said, in this life or any other...Because of this, we can gain access to anything about our past through the eighth chakra...We can journey to any place that exists in the present or in other dimensions, and probe into potential or destined futures...We can also trace our patterns (the habitual processes in which we get stuck) through the eighth chakra, making it a valuable access point for healing chronic physical or emotional problems, and difficult relationships. Because it relates to time, many of our time issues can be resolved through this chakra."

New Chakra Healing by Cyndi Dale pg. 48

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