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Eco-Balance Symbala

"The New Year, 2007, started off with more wild weather for those of us in the Puget Sound area. While challenging, it also evoked a passionate chord in me. One morning I woke up thinking about something said to me by a friend and fellow artist. It had to do with the voices of the animals.

"I am not an 'activist' in the sense that I don't do hands-on work, nor contribute financially to causes, but I am passionate and aware and contribute through the tools I offer and use for focused, intentional healing work on all levels.

"So, Eco-Balance came through inspired by the voices of the animals and since that morning, I feel the energy of this new Symbala, which is dedicated to the healing connectedness of all life on our planet, of which we are all an active, creative part. I love the energy of its purpose and the tone it sets for the New Year."

In Loving Eco-Awareness,


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