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This is the sequence I recently experienced and would like to share with you: first I drew this Symbala, then after living with it for a day or two, I named it; ever since I have been contemplating its implications both universally and personally.

You may notice it has a 9-base geometry. Nines have a symbolic reputation relating to ending or completion, but mathematically and geometrically nines represent mystical qualities. Then the name that came through. ‘Culmination’ has similar meanings of being the highest or zenith. So where does one go from there?

I began with how does it make me feel? It makes me feel happy, energized, hopeful! It did not take me to the top of a mountain where the only place to go from there is down; unless, of course, you are a bird. Then I saw it right in the Symbala, the tops of the 9 peaks had pink wings of ascension on either side. Being the artist, I also knew that the center of this Symbala is made up of layers of overlapping hearts. It’s hard to see, but surely can be felt. Also, when one is talking about the highest or lowest of anything, it’s good to remember that these are relative terms and depend upon whether one is standing in a polarized world or a multi-dimensional universe. Finally, when something is completed or ends, is it not time to celebrate new beginnings?

With Warm, Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

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