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Coffee-Chocolate Ecstasy

Coffee-Chocolate Ecstasy Symbala

"I had been contemplating the possibilities of this Symbala for a long time before I gave myself permission to bring it through. My reluctance is a perfect reflection of why it is important to honor this 'dynamic duo'.

"I believe the pure essence of each of these two substances is a catalyst to an ecstatic state; thus, no surprise the powerful allure of partaking in their energy! However, we are most familiar with these natural powerhouses in a diminished energetic form because of the added substances and chemicals which dilute and pollute, even though they may taste great!

"My personal feelings about coffee and chocolate are explored in this Symbala. Contemplating it fills me with a feeling of richness, warmth and a freedom evoked by the '7' symbolism of all the spinning arms of the creative universe. Whether your ecstasy is inspired by these two substances or not, it is as essential to us as air and water, but much less clearly understood. The following explanation offers some major insight into the why and how of this:

An orderly arrangement between wave lengths establishes a connection between frequencies and fields. But for this connection to last, it must resonate to all frequencies and fields. This can only be accomplished through the resonate structure of Golden Proportion pathways. This harmonic cascade of inter-connected-ness is the structure of our hologramic universe, perceptible as ecstasy. (excerpt from Merkabah Magick - "New Emerald Tablet" by Vincent Bridges as an edit to Dan Winter's original "Light Poetry")

"This state of ecstasy is clearly understood through the senses, but not always through our beliefs. So eat, drink, contemplate and ENJOY!

Dark, Rich, Loving Resonance,


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