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Breaking Free

Breaking Free

Have you ever had the experience of creating a really comfortable place (physically and mentally) for yourself that extends even into years? You let yourself realize dimly that there's a stuck feeling beginning to mix in there somewhere. Your inner guidance knows what's needed and aims a swift kick where it will do the most good to stir things up. At first you may be angry, even frightened or sad, but if you allow the shift with an open heart, it will change you, bringing amazing new perceptions about your world and the people in it!

This Symbala explodes with the energy of 'Breaking Free' from the unwillingness to face a sudden change. I have used many 5-pointed stars representing the outer nature of man with our 5 senses, fingers and toes. These stars also embrace our divinity; each part of the star to another part is in the Golden PHI relationship, which is the relationship to Source. In turn the stars are illuminating the 10 base, increasing the call to movement.

With the Resonance of Light, Lahrinda

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