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Be Amazed

Be Amazed

This newest Symbala is totally dedicated to the dawning of the Golden Age. We are so blessed to be living in this time, on this planet. Amid all the confusion and turmoil, remember that we and Mother Earth are receiving higher and higher frequencies to allow our true divinity. Such evolution is not embraced by all and the resulting resistance causes much chaos, inner and outer. Try not to be too distracted by the movie. Turn off the disinformation and rely on our core connection to truth and Source.

My experience of the process is one of expanding, child-like discovery. Yes, there is pain, but there is also the powerful purpose of birth. While I was contemplating how to share this Symbala, I suddenly found the need to be poetic (a rare experience for me). Bear with me for that, but focus on the wonder of ‘Be Amazed’!

As I stood on trembling ground,
carefully I gazed
at a world reversed and upside-down,
but my heart smiled,
"Be Amazed!"

In Loving Amazement, Lahrinda

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