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Angel Breath

Angel Breath Symbala

"This Symbala came through on a rush of energy, unintentioned and unexpected. As I gazed at the finished Symbala in amazement and wonder, I asked for its name, but nothing came through. I asked a friend about it and her suggestion was brilliant! 'Have a naming contest.' And that's just what I did. First time ever, I asked the special Symbala friends on my mailing list for a name and offered a matted print of the new Symbala for a prize.

"I received many beautiful suggestions. It was thrilling to see how many people from all over the globe were inspired by this Symbala. But when I received Terri Young's suggestion of 'Angel Breath', I felt a chiming resonance inside and I knew that was it. So the new Symbala is winging its way to Iron Ridge, Wisconsin.

"Many thanks to everyone who shared their feelings, impressions and name offerings. The responsive co-creative flow was heart-warming. So let yourself relax and join with 'Angel Breath' to balance and uplift."

With Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

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