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Unity-Fly Free

Unity Symbala

"For those of us who thrive in the NOW, the New Earth would not be rising without us bringing the sacredness into technology or what can be termed - Sacrednology... the New Earth is the way we bring sacred spirit vibration and heart embodiment to every thing we perceive, think, say, do, and take action upon in this 3-D Universal Cyber Space world." ~Mikael King

I wanted to share this part of Mikael King's recent newsletter with you because so often in the past I have been aware of how many people on spiritual paths have strong feelings and judgments about technology, especially computers. I share Mikael's perspective of integrative wholeness. Speaking of integration and wholeness - let's talk 'Unity'.

"...the upcoming solar eclipse (July 1st) will be a beneficial time to thrust new ideas into the collective. There is a new energy arriving to support those on the unity timeline and so we reiterate that the time is now to put your ideas forth and begin to take action upon them." ~Seven Sisters

This quote was part of a mailing I received about the string of 3 eclipses we experienced in June and July of 2011, which culminated on the First of July. This part of the channeled material resonated with me because I had just created the 'Unity' Symbala. Like the 3 eclipses, the guided Symbala energy just kept pouring through and this is the 3rd new Symbala inspired by these surges (first was 'Alignment: the Art of Allowing', then 'Awakening'). They are not a set, but their voices are singing in harmony.

Often detail is lost when these are scanned and this one particularly is diminished in that regard. You need to see the print to appreciate that the 6 circles around the outside and the one in the center actually evoke a unified yin-yang symbol. It was not intentional, but once I saw how the energy was lining up I knew for sure this Symbala was about Unity.

With Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

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