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Trinergy Symbala

"In the spring of 2013, I was having lunch with two of my friends/associates, Arlene Arnold and Peggy Smith, and, like usual, it spiraled into a celebration of creativity. They were the ones who birthday-gifted me with the Astrological Archetypes reading from Steve Nelson. We were discussing another theme that came through that reading in both a Tarot image and grand trines in my birth chart (major points/planets connected by 120 degrees, as in an equilateral triangle). Suddenly, Peggy grabbed a pen and began scribbling on a napkin. She had created the perfect verbal symbol for this magic - TRINERGY!

"The nature of the number 3 on a metaphorical, vibratory level is awesome. Three is the root of all geometry. Two points can be connected by a line, but a third point is necessary to manifest a form, i.e. a triangle, which is a plane of existence with 2 dimensions. It is the beginning of geometry and the jumping off place for a 4th point above the triangle forming 3 more triangles and a leap to the 3rd dimension of height, width and breadth called the tetrahedron.

"Three's are an energy of creative movement: movement from the 2 leading to the 3 of manifestation into a new form, as in a child. Remember that space is curved, not flat, so the triangle implies higher dimensionality and is always reaching for the 4th point and new dimensions.

"There are 2 sets of 3 figures here. Notice how each individual figure is enclosed by its own globe of creativity in the form of an icosahedron (one of the 5 Platonic solids made from 20 equal triangles). Each individual creates their own world, but joined in their resonant triads each is amplified. Joining the 2 triads together increases the frequencies exponentially, as in the star tetrahedron, the downward pointing magnetic embracing the upward pointing electric forces.

"I can't stop looking at this one. I love, love, love it!"

With Loving Resonance, Lahrinda


As a key participant in the inspiration for this Symbala, Peggy Smith was inspired in return with her 'Soul Rhythms in Light'.

"When viewing Lahrinda’s new Symbala, Trinergy, I was filled with a quiet rush of spiritual knowing. It was something I recognized at a soul level. A rambling curiosity streamed through my mind. I wondered if Lahrinda might have been commissioned by a Stellar Board of Cosmic trustees to design the Universal Icon for the sacred power that is represented by the number three.

"The beauty in Lahrinda’s art is always astonishing. This time it was the balance and brilliant triptych placement of line and color that mesmerized me with harmonic radiance. I was first drawn to the center where there seems to be a portal to all that is and ever will be; the absolute containment of THE ONE. It felt as though I was in the presence of a great teaching being, given insights on the perpetual turning of The Wheel of Life. As we enter our human journey, our souls move outward from the center of all creation to explore this reality and return again and again to The One. We are here to enrich the divine experience. Our bodies, minds and souls are the vessels that record this sometimes chaotic journey. The resonance of Trinergy has arrived to reassure us that there is an invisible higher order behind the illusion of chaos. We can always find that order when we understand and maintain equal reverence for our physical bodies, our mental and emotional well-being and our spiritual radiance.

"But that was not the only insight that spiraled out of the Trinergy vortex of truth. In order to sustain the balance of body, mind and spirit we must also understand and honor the three aspects of time that make all things cohesive and understandable. We must practice presence in the moment, being able to look at the past for guidance and ponder the future for possibilities, while never becoming stuck in either. In that awareness we can embrace the past, present and future as masters of time and space. We can thrive in the Trinergy of our own creation."

Blessings to you all,
Peggy Smith

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