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Drawing this newest Symbala felt like a triumph, so strong is its power. Thatís when the name came to me, too, because I used 3-based geometry for this Symbala and I realized that name had a root in 3.

After the name came to me, I spent time considering the value of feeling triumph in our day to day lives, starting with my life as an example. Triumph seems such a passionate, celebratory word for ordinary individuals like myself. Yet, as I look closer at how I live my life, I am astonished at how often I feel moments of triumph and not just when Iím drawing Symbalas!

For instance, the next morning as I washed my dishes I did battle with a small vegetable steamer. You probably have one; they are composed of small metal leaves with holes that move together in and out to hold the vegetables above the hot water to steam them. Have you ever noticed how, in a very short time, as you wash these steamers one of the leaves will suddenly fall out? Before you know it youíre engaged in carefully attempting to realign and reinsert the leaf so once again they all work in unity. This time no matter how I angled things it wasnít working. My frustration level was rising and then, I suddenly saw the greater perspective and began to laugh! That laughter was my triumph. Being a conscious creator allows me to step back, release my frustration and gain appreciation for the absurdity of the struggle and the laughter I brought forth, which felt so wonderful!

ďGenius creators put no focus at all on how things are. Instead we focus on what new creations want to burst into being, always for the greater good. We see the world as it wants to be and we set about in our every day lives and in our bigger work to make that reality come alive in the world today. We walk it, talk it, share it and collaborate with others who want the same.Ē ~ Soleira Green

As you gaze at the Symbala, see the smaller, spiraling loops like they are the events of your day; see them lend support to the strength of the tri-columnar focus of this Symbala. The power of 3 in geometry is the triangle, being the first form that leaps dimensions, from the second to the third and beyond... It is the form of creativity and the basis of trinity symbolism. Itís all part of the matrix of divine order that embraces all. Enjoy!

With Warm Loving Resonance, Lahrinda

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