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Song of Truth

Song of Truth

The pursuit of Truth has always been a noble goal. But Truth may feel as elusive as Freedom and just as difficult to define. In this time of intentional lies and misinformation, the search is more challenging than ever.

From my perspective, Truth, like everything, is vibrational and personal. I think of it like music. Does it reach my heart; does it harmonize with my awareness of the world/cosmos and does it ripple with goose bumps of Resonance?

Many things are coming to light now that are neither pleasant nor harmonizing. However, while they must be acknowledged to find a new framework for the world, to dwell on violence and pain will continue to bring those things into it.

And the beat goes on... And like this Symbala, focus on the soft curves, flowing colors and the inner music of Truth.

With Loving, Singing Resonance, Lahrinda

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