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Rainbow Frequencies

Rainbow  Frequencies Symbala

What naturally occurring symbol is powerful enough to make me stop in my tracks, mouth open and stare in joyful awe each time I behold one? A rainbow!!! How can you behold one and not feel expanded, excited and, most of all, happy?

This universal symbol inspires me to my core. It spirals me into happy memories, magical possibilities and visible awareness of metaphysical principles. Feelings first; then come the immediate associations with the spiritual number '7', the color spectrum and those amazing, spinning mandalas known as Chakras!

I also have many reasons to be passionate about Symbalas and being the channel to create them, but mainly it's the intricate way they evolve through geometric symmetry and symbols. That powerful combination allows for the depth and joyful resonance evoked. They remind me of how I feel about rainbows! And that reminds me of who we truly are: shining lights of rainbow frequencies whose simplicity and complexity is magical.

With Loving Resonance,

Soul Rhythms in Light

by Peggy Smith

'Rainbow Frequencies'

"All of you know the wonder in the classic movie, 'The Wizard of Oz'. A troubled girl is magically transported to a land beyond the rainbow and there she discovers that even though this wondrous place is filled with striking beauty, tender kindness, monumental challenges of courage and fulfilling feats of bravery, there is really 'no place like home'.

"Lahrinda’s new Symbala creation, Rainbow Frequencies, stirred my memory of Dorothy and her magical journey beyond the everyday dismay of life. There is a part of me that deeply relates to the unhappiness and disappointment that we find in Dorothy’s struggle to be understood. Most of us cannot escape the energy and impact of what is happening across our nation and around the globe. Everywhere we turn there is a story, event or natural disaster that is so disturbing that it can darken any soul. Much like Dorothy, we long to be in a better place, 'somewhere over the rainbow. Skies are blue and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true'.

"As I took a moment to move into the depths of the Rainbow Frequencies, I found myself filled with a sense of renewal and, yes, even a bit of child-like joy. It is such a delight to have access to and be gifted with the mastery of Lahrinda’s art. Like so many times before, the essences she brings in the Rainbow Frequencies are just what we need.

"We must remember that in our world of polarity, light and dark or good and evil, there is a place inside each heart that is filled with all that we need. This place is not just black or white. It is where all things are possible and filled with every frequency of creation; filled with the colors of all that is divine. I am making sure I have this wonderful portal of focus very close at hand. The Rainbow Frequencies Symbala will be added to my 'energy emergency kit' to instantly revive me when life’s tribulations take my breath away. One deep breath as I move somewhere INTO the Rainbow Frequencies will give me just what I need to remember. The full spectrum of the human soul is reflected in the colors of rainbow light and will always dispel the shadows."

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